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4 Yeo

You are now enjoying a 4YEO (For Your Eyes Only) creation! Remember that this original font is free for your personal use, but it is linkware; that is, when you use it, please set a link back to our site: so that other people can have the chance to visit us. Our site offers original FREE graphics, animations, 3D icons, bars, backgrounds, bullets, theme sets and anything else you might need to create your nifty home page! You can also post a specific request on our guestbook, and in a few days we will get back to you with a creation made especially for your needs (check the Users' section on our site for more details). Finally, if you want to be up-to-date with the new creations at 4YEO, subscribe to the mailing list (simply send a message to [email protected] with SUBSCRIBE as the subject). And remember, we are compiling a Friends' list that will include every site that links back to us. So, if use our graphics, put a link to us and let us know by sending your name and URL at [email protected]! Greetings! the 4YEO staff ************************* 4YEO - For Your Eyes Only Free original graphics anf fonts for you to grab! ************************* ps: We add a new fee font each month... so come visit us! :)

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    url("") format("opentype"),
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