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Afrika Wildlife B Mammals2 font

Fonts of Afrika

FONTS OF AFRIKA All these fonts were created in South Africa by Peter Slingsby and he holds the exclusive copyright. Fonts on the website may have been coloured using graphics software. Fonts are outline files and unless recoloured will reproduce as black. Once you have loaded the free AFRIKA font into your font folder [go Start, Control Panel, Fonts, File, Install New Font], access the font using keystrokes through your word processor or graphics package. Remember: use a point size of at least 36 pts to see the full beauty of these graphic images; some images require muiltiple keystrokes; set your programme to left-justification for best results. These fonts are yours to use as you see fit, for re-publication or whatever, although we wouldn't mind a little byline if you use them this way, reading (in at least 5pt) "Fonts by Fonts of Afrika". Note that the South African Dept of Arts and Culture used our font "Afrika T Ubuntu" on their 2003 Calendar with no permission and no acknowledgment; the controversial SABC programme, "The Greatest South Africans", stole the same font. Everyone, even governments, steal font software with impunity! So, our gripe over, here they are FOR FREE. You'll get a new one every month for the next six years. Enjoy! WHY NOT BUY ALL 80+ AFRIKA FONTS NOW, WITHOUT WAITING FOR MONTHLY DOWNLOADS? SEE OUR ONLINE SHOP FOR DETAILS!

Afrika Wildlife B Mammals2 Regular
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