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B5Symbols font

Lauren Solomonson

I'm still working on the B5 Symbols when I can. I plan on adding more in the future. These symbols were created by Michael Lee: A = Narn Ship B = Minbari Ship C = Vorlon Ship D = Starfury E = B5 Shield F = Psi Corp G = B5's 5 H = B5's 5 I = B5 Security J = Symbol seen in Med Lab K = Earth Alliance L = Nightwatch M = Centauri Ship N = Narn symbol O = Vorlon letter P = Babylon 5 Q = Minbari symbol R = B4 Security S = Centauri Royal symbol T = Star Riders Clan (Minbari) U = Medical symbol V = Agamemnon ship symbol W = Vorlon Empire symbol X = Narn Regime symbol d = Breather mask symbol e = Elevator (lift) symbol f = Shadow Ship h = PPG (Phased Plasma Gun) i = New B5 Shield j = Ranger symbol k = IPX symbol l = Babylon 5 m = White Star n = Black Omega Squad (symbol) o = Black Omega Squad fighter p = Zocalo q = Brakiri Ship r = Earthforce Ship s = Shadow Creature These symbols were created by Keith Nelson: (He did an excellent job, many thanks Keith!!!) Y = Maintenance patch Z = Babylon 4 Symbol a = Earth Force patch b = Earth Force medical patch c = Earth Force Security patch g = Earth Alliance Michael Lee 3-17-99 ( E-mail: [email protected] )

Enclosed in this zip file is a font I made from Babylon 5 tv show episodes. I have been taping the show for about 3 years now. I have been using these tapes to build fonts for the following: Vorlon: (All canon)4-10-98 Minbari: (All canon)4-27-98 Minbari2: (All canon)4-2-98 Shadow: ( up to the letter O)5-4-97 Narn: (All canon) 3-15-98 Pak'ma'ra: ( None, all "made up" )5-4-97 The Great Machine of Epsilon 3:( A thru T are canon) Centauri (All canon) 7-6-98 Note: There is another Centauri font going around that is mostly invented, Mike has tried to make his Centauri as canon as possible. Accept no substitutes! Wingbats (dingbats A-Z, a-l) 1-30-99 Markab (A thru V canon) 6-21-97 (W-Z & #1-5 added 7-20-97) Brakiri (A-I canon B5 characters, only "A" certainly Brakiri) 7-20-97 Gaim: (None, Josh Dixon "invented" all) 10-30-97 Drazi: (A thru I are canon B5 characters) 12-1-97 Hyach: (A thru H canon) 5-17-98 Abbai: (All canon, but race uncertain) 9-20-98 Llort: (All canon, but race uncertain) 9-20-98 Anti-Life Runes (A-H canon, the rest invented) 10-3-98 B5 Station Human 10-9-98 Life Machine (All canon) 1-30-99 As shown above the font characters that are from the show go up to those letters. I have taken liberty with the rest of the font letters & numbers (Pak'ma'ra is my own invention). But then people have made up Gorn & Tholian fonts. To date I have not seen any Pak'ma'ra characters on the show. I will update these fonts from the show or other sources when I find them. Michael H. Lee 3-30-97 If you have any comments, corrections or suggestions for me, you can email me at: [email protected] I especially would like source info, like screen captures of letters of the Babylon 5 languages I have fonted. All font collections come in Windows'

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