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Byzantium font

Charles Minow
Byzantine and Arabic geometric tile patterns

About Byzantium Canyon Road is a border font, containing three unique borders and a variation of one of the three, for a total of four borders. In addition, there are two plain thick lines, which can be used to add spice to the other borders. This font is actually the TrueType version of a PostScript Type 1 font meant to work best with Monotype's BorderMaker utility. The Type 1 encoding has special information that makes it show up properly in BorderMaker's windows, However, you can also use the TrueType version in a regular word processing program by typing in the characters. Just use KeyCaps or some other utility to find out where the corners and straight parts show up. Byzantium is based loosely on Byzantine and Arabic geometric patterns. Using Canyon Road First, install the font in your system. Once installed, it can be used from any number of applications. Just make sure your application is set up so there isn't any extra space between either letters or lines. In other words, don't add any kerning or tracking and don't add extra leading. If you have Byzantium installed, you should see a border here: qrrrrs wIJJKx wO Px wLMMNx tuuuuv Contacting the Author You can email me at [email protected]. Or check out my web pages at This font is provided free of charge, and you may use it any way you wish, including giving it to your friends. Just include this read me file with the fonts. And, Finally, A Disclaimer This software has been tested as thoroughly as I have been able, however, you do use it at your own risk. By using this software, you agree to absolve me, Charles Minow, from any liability from data loss or other problems (real or imagined) caused directly or indirectly by any part of this software. If you can't agree, don't use it. Also, I am sure that I have used a number of trademarks in this read me file. They are, of course, the property of their respective owners and I meant no harm by it. Really.

Byzantium Regular
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