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CavePaintingDingbats font

Dixie's Delights

CAVE PAINTINGS ONE(tm) Thank you very much for trying Cave Paintings One, my font of authentic designs derived from the cave art of Europe, Africa, Australia, and North, Central, and South America. There is a second Cave Paintings font, CAVE PAINTINGS TWO. Whereas the first font consists primarily of animal forms-with a few strange exceptions!-volume two contains more than fifty human forms-warriors, archers, dancers, mothers and babies, animal riders, and many others. It also contains a set of beautiful geometric design ornaments, all authentic replicas of actual cave paintings spanning forty thousand years. It is a very attractive collection. I believe that if you enjoy Cave Paintings One, you will find Cave Paintings Two an essential addition. CAVE PAINTINGS TWO is not available on such computer information services as America On-Line, nor other shareware sources: it is only available to those who register their copy of Cave Paintings One. If you would like to keep and use only Cave Paintings One, please register it for $10. When you do so, I will send you a lovely bonus font which I only give to those who register Cave Paintings One. If you would also like to receive CAVE PAINTINGS TWO, the total registration fee is $20. Michelle Dixon 1419 #F, De la Vina Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101 USA [email protected] PLEASE SPECIFY MAC or PC! You may distribute CAVE PAINTINGS ONE freely, so long as it is accompanied by this notice. Thank you very much for your support. It is what allows me to create these fonts for you. Michelle

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