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CD Numbers font

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What it says: those ancient numbers in square boxes, once used for tracks on audio CDs. Up to number 35, also a (P) in a circle and the [A] and [D] in square boxes for analog/digital recording. Have fun.


CD Numbers ========== This symbol font was made for your CDs, especially, if you like to use those old track number symbols. It contains the track numbers in square boxes, a(P) in a circle and the A and D in square boxes for analog/digital recording etc. There are two different character forms for the numbers: Serif forms on 1..9 and then A..Z Sansserif forms on f..z (P) is on p (sans) and q (serif) A and D in a box are on a and d, for obvious reasons. The char length is such that they blend together when you type aad or ddd or similar. You may use this font for commercial and non-commercial purposes at no cost and at your own risk. There is no warranty whatsoever. You get what you pay for. Do not share or redistribute this font without this readme file. Have fun. May 2013 Andreas H

CD Numbers Regular
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