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Dan Roseman

Dan Roseman P.O. Box 806 Highland Park, IL 60035 CHAUCHER -- 12/29/93 First off I'd like to say thank you for downloading my font! I think you'll find this one rather beautiful. Basically I use for the beginning of paragraphs as drop caps and other places to make it stand out... I believe this is more in the "fancy" font catagory....and truely one of my best yet! I got the idea from I font I saw that originated in 1889, and as for why it's named CHAUCHER, it's because he was a master of literature and I'm sure that if he were still alive even he would use this font! There are only caps included but sorry (I really am) there is no "J" but hell, did you want to start off a paragraph with "Jovial" anyway? Also there is one dingbat that I'll leave up to you to find (hint-use Popchar if you're having trouble) Now you don't have to pay anything to use this font, I find that kind of silly. Come on, paying money for letters! HAH I laugh. But I do consider this postcardware....that means if you have the time PLEASE just drop me a line or postcard for the work and time I put into this font, hell, it's only 19 cents anyway. Include a little about you, where you live, were you got the font from (comment.....) I'd really like to see how far this gets. It would mean a lot to me. You can find my address at the top of this letter. Have fun with it!--I think you're really gonna like this one! --Dan P.S. Don't forget to write!!! thankx, really!

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