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Cheap Seven Inches font

S. John Ross - E-mail: [email protected]
When my friend Tim visited recently to hang out and enjoy the South By Southwest film and music festival, we were poking around in a record store up by the University of Texas campus. In the back room, they're selling off old seven-inch vinyl records for collectors. A hand-scrawled sign said "Cheap Seven-Inches."

I said to Tim "That'd be a good name for a band." I mean, it refers to something any record collector will understand, but has that hint of double-entendre that's so useful in a band name. Tim agreed it would be a good name for a band.

But I'm not starting a band anytime soon, so I decided it was a good name for a font. And that's pretty much the whole story for this month's offering. It's a full-keyboard set with a few of the usual extras.
Cheap Seven Inches Regular
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