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Chess Maya font

Armando Hernandez Marroquin

TrueType Font CHESS MAYA Update: August 8, 1998 I have designed this font to create diagrams in chess publications for children. The figures follow the silhouette of the traditional Staunton pieces, and therefore are easily related to them. The drawings was created in Corel Draw 3.0 and exported to TTF format in Corel Draw 7.0. I made the font in the "Colegio La Salle de San Cristobal" (La Salle School of San Cristobal), located in the mountains of the south of Mexico, part of the region where the Mayan civilization developed. The font is freeware, I hope it is useful for you. If you want to repay us, you can send us some other fonts for creating chess diagrams (we are collecting them). Your comments and suggestions would be welcome; please send them to either of address that appear below. Files in MAYA__TT.ZIP: LEEME__Y.TXT This file in English language. README_Y.TXT This file. MAYAFONT.TTF CHESS MAYA font - Ver. 2.0 CHESMAYA.DOC Sample and keymap. The font is installed in Windows, as in any other TTF font. It will be helpful to you for making chess diagrams and figurine notation in the word processors which are run under Windows. The file CHESMAYA.DOC which accompanies this file is made on Word 6.0, and contains a sample of the creation of diagrams in a word proccesor and a keymap of this font. You will not see these characters until the 'Chess Maya' font is installed in your computer. The distribution of the figures on the keyboard is the same as in the CHESS MARROQUIN font, as follows: DIAGRAM BORDERS: SINGLE DOUBLE EXTRA * Top left corner 1 ! or 033 a - A Top border 2 " 034 Top right corner 3 # 035 s - S Left border 4 $ 036 Right border 5 % 037 Bottom left corner 7 / 047 d - D Bottom border 8 ( 040 Bottom right corner 9 ) 041 f - F BOARD POSITION ASSIGNMENTS: WHITE SQUARE DARK SQUARE Squares [space] or * 042 + 043 White pawn p P Black pawn o O White knight n N Black knight m M White bishop b B Black bishop v V White rook r R Black rook t T White queen q Q Black queen w W White king k K Black king l L * The EXTRA keys contain round corners. The keys (x), (X), (.), and (:) contain auxiliary symbols to indicate individual movements of the pieces. NOTE: Also you find borders with the coordinates of chessboard. For simple borders, type the ASCII codes from 0192 to 0207, and for double borders from 0224 to 0239. Don't forget to type [Alt] and the ZERO which goes with each code to generate these characters. The figurine notation pieces are in the ASCII codes from 0162 to 0167. I recommend you to print the .DOC file and see the complete keymap. ************** Thanks a lot to: ERIC BENTZEN HANS BODLAENDER SETEPHANE MOUCHEL for the space to my fonts in their web sites.

Chess Maya Regular
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