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Cityscape!" font

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ABOUT THIS SHAREWARE FONT This font is distributed as shareware as part of a promotion for the Scriptorium Font Library. If you use this font for thirty days or for any publication or commercial purpose you are obligated to register it as shareware. To register the font you may pay a $5 registration fee to Ragnarok, or you may order a sampler disk or the disk on which the font is featured for $15. The later option is the best deal, because you'll get a whole disk of legitimate, registered fonts for a very low price. If for some reason you wish to distribute this font as part of a shareware collection or package, please contact us first at the address (netmail or US Mail) or phone number given below. The rest of this is our standard catalog, but without our great font samples. To actually see what our fonts look like open the accompanying GIF file. If you like this font you'll love some of the hundred-plus other fonts in the Scriptorium Font Library. The Scriptorium Font Library The Scriptorium Font Library is a collection of fonts designed by Dave Nalle of Ragnarok Games for use in their publications, but now available to the public by direct mail. The emphasis of the collection is on original display fonts, unique historically based calligraphy, foreign language and unusual decorative art fonts. Unlike large font houses which produce cloned packages of the same 100 standard fonts, we offer high quality fonts you've never seen before and can't get anywhere else. Provided here is an up to date listing of all the font disks available at this time. Each disk includes as many fonts as we can fit on it (usually 8 to 12 fonts). They are fully registered when you purchase the disk. SFL-1001-1009: Font Samplers Every three months we release a new sampler disk with our latest fonts on it. Each sampler includes 8 fonts and sells for $15, or you can get a year's subscription (4 samplers) for $40 per year. SFL-2001: Text Fonts This contains 10 unique serif and sans-serif fonts which meet the high resolution demands of all text uses. The collection includes some elegant traditional fonts (both serif and sans-serif) like our Tancred and Palomides fonts, plus some very unusual offerings like the Kelmscott font based on William Morris' Troy font from the Kelmscott edition of Chaucer's works. $15. Update $5. SFL-2002: More Text Fonts A collection of sophisticated and flexible text fonts, including some unique fonts and some based on classic styles. Includes Boswell, Alcibiades, Proserpina, Ruffian and 6 other fonts. $15. Update $5. SFL-2003: Text Fonts III This collection includes some great new fonts, such as Adramalech, Patrician, Telluria and Everest. $15. Update $5. SFL-3001: Display Fonts This disk features 10 attractive display fonts, including several art nouveau and medieval styles, plus a couple of unusual special use fonts. Our favorites are the Starfield font, which looks like a scattered field of stars, the Buccaneer font, drawn from 17th century wanted posters and the Ariosto and Elysian fonts based on hand drawn fonts of the Munich Jugendstil movement of the 1890s. $15. Update $5. SFL-3002: Display Fonts II This disk features 10 unusual display fonts, including a number of interesting Art Nouveau and early modern book plate styles, such as Beaumarchais, Averoigne and Cymbeline. $15. Update $5. SFL-3003: Display Fonts III Ten more display fonts, including some of our strangest, such as Golgotha (made of piled skulls), Eglantine, Mayhem and Sanguinary (title font from the game Suburban Slasher - great for horror buffs). $15. Update $5. SFL-3004: Display Fonts IV Great new display fonts, including Acadian, Dunsany, Bruges, Engrossing, Rochambeau and others. $15. Update $5. SFL-3005: Display Fonts V More great display fonts, with an emphasis on arcane and evil looking fonts, such as Asphodel, Descant, Abaddon, Mephisto and Apollyon. $15. Update $5. SFL-3006: Display Fonts VI Interesting display fonts tending towards art nouveau and gothic, including Angelus, Zabdiel, Louisbourg and Titania. $15. Update $5. SFL-3007: Display Fonts VII New original fonts and Art Nouveau revivals, including Elphinstone, Yazata, Valhalla and Curetana. $15. Update $5. SFL-4001: Calligraphic Fonts This disk includes a variety of calligraphic fonts, including several Celtic-style fonts, fonts based on medieval and renaissance calligraphy and calligraphy from several 19th century art nouveau designers. Includes Bastarda, Courthand, Fabliaux, Rackham and others. Because these are based on genuine calligraphy they may not include all the characters you may expect and may include specialty characters or strange alternate forms for some letters. $15. Update $5. SFL-4002: Calligraphic Fonts II This disk includes a variety of medieval English, French and Italian lettering styles plus several Eastern European styles and a special font based on the calligraphy of Howard Pyle. $15. Update $5. SFL-4003: Calligraphic Fonts III A special collection of unusual fonts based on hand-drawn renderings of medieval and ancient lettering styles. Includes the fonts Constance, Talleyrand, Textura Quadrata and Iberia. $15. Update $5. SFL-4004: Calligraphic Fonts IV A special collection with an emphasis on italic calligrpahy from the middle ages through the early modern period. $15. Update $5. SFL-4005: Calligraphic Fonts V An assortment of great new calligraphic fonts drawn from medieval and early modern sources. $15. Update $5. SFL-5001: Specialty Fonts A collection of fonts for languages which don't use the English alphabet, including both obscure real world and historical languages and role-playing game world languages. Check out the Bahairic and Futhark fonts if you want something really different. Oh, and did you say you were going mad because you couldn't decorate your computer-generated icons without Church Slavonic? Well, try Patriarch. It reads in English, but looks like Church Slavonic. $15. Update $5. SFL-5002: Specialty Fonts 2 More unusual fonts from foreign sources with a particular emphasis on languages from the ancient near east, like Chaldean, Ugaritic and Phoenician. $15. Update $5. SFL - 6001: Decorative Initials A special assortment of art fonts where each letter is a decorative initial or small picture. It includes several illuminated manuscript alphabets, the extremely intricate Maidens font and some Art Nouveau floral motifs. Because of the detail of these decorative initials only 5 fonts are presented on this disk, but they are well worth it. $15. Update $5. SFL - 6002: Decorative Initials II This collection of decorative fonts includes some medieval classics and some very detailed 19th century fonts, as well as decroative initials based on the works of Howard Pyle and John D. Batten. Because of the intricacy of these fonts only 5 fonts are presented on this disk. $15. Update $5. SFL - 6003: Decorative Initials III Five new decorative initial sets. Fonts featured include the rather bizarre Otherworld and Netherworld fonts, the Italian art nouveau face Campobello, Florimel and more. $15. Update $5. SFL - 6004: Decorative Initials IV Even more great decorative initials, including Golgotha and Finestra two of our newest. $15. Update $5. SFL - 7001: Art Fonts This is a collection of illustrations in font form, including animals, heraldic shields, celtic spirals, arthurian miniatures, floral embellishments and more. These fonts are intricate so only six could fit on the disk. $15. Update $5. SFL - 7002: Art Fonts II More small illustrations and decorative embellishments taken from original designs and classic print sources, including our popular new Fairies font featuring images of mischievious little folk. Available in Spring of 1994. $15. Update $5. SFL - 7003: Art Fonts III More small illustrations and decorative embellishments taken from original designs and classic print sources, including Decoration, an art deco font, Dinomania with pictures of dinosaurs and Mesoglyphs taken from pre-columbian stone carvings. $15. Update $5. UPDATE POLICY Each of our font disks is updated with new versions at least once every three months, with updates being released on the first of January, April, July and October. If you send in your original disk and $5 we will update you with the latest versions of all the fonts on that disk. Most of our fonts are brand new, so expect pretty substantial changes with some of the updates over the next year or so. SHAREWARE NOTE Support shareware. Many of our fonts are distributed as shareware for promotional purposes. If you see our fonts being circulated as unregistered copies (without our shareware notice), let us know...or let the culprit know that you dont' approve. These fonts are too damned cheap for anyone NOT to pay their shareware fee or order them on disk. TO ORDER Send check of money order for the appropriate amount to the address provided below. Please specify your computer type. There will be a $5 reorder fee per disk if you fail to specify your computer type and get the wrong disk as a result. Advance order items will be sent as soon as they are released. Overseas orders please include $3 per disk for shipping and handling. Wholesale information is available on request. Let us know and we'll send you catalogs for our Image Library collection of clip-art book illustrations and our complete line of roleplaying and board games. For samples of some of our fonts see the GIF files enclosed in this archive. Order from: RAGNAROK POB 140333 Austin, TX 78714 email: [email protected] website:

Cityscape!" Regular
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