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Commodore 64 Pixelized font

Devin Cook

Thank you for downloading the Commodore 64 Font! The first computer I ever owned was a great little 8-bit wonder called the Commodore 64. Due to the hours upon hours I spent both playing games and learning to program (at age 12 in 1986) I gained a love for computers. Needless to say, I created a true type font that mimics the machine's character set. Each symbol that was present on the original Commodore 64 computer is available in the font. I added a number of dingbats when possible. The "3D" pictures of the Commodore 64 and 1541 Disk Drive were created from photos of my system. A number of the dingbats are based on other dingbats available on the Internet. Anyway, please enjoy. Devin D. Cook Revision History ================ ============= Version 6.3 ============= * Updated embedding flags ============= Version 6.22 ============= * I made a few very minor changes to a couple of characters * The postscript names were fixed - I didn't have all the characters named properly. ============= Version 6.21 ============= * The metrics for the font were perfected. * The settings for the underline and strikethru effects (added by Windows) were set correctly. * The characters for the curly brackets were modified * The font is now properly mapped to the Windows Symbol platform and the Macintosh Latin platforms. * Each character is now properly aligned and characters fit snugly togather on different lines. This allows you to create Commodore PET-ASCII art! * I updated the Commodore Logo - which was slightly incorrect in the last version. * I rearranged all the dingbats * The Windows Logo was replaced with the Commodore logo on all the dingbats. The font still has all the stand-alone dingbats from version 5.2 * The simple dingbats for the C64 and 1541 Disk Drive were fixed. * The Pac-Man dingbats were fixed * Atari logo was fixed * The Amiga symbol was added. * The mouse graphic was made "white" and the Commodore logo was added * A number of new dingbats were added. Some of the company names were removed to make room. The new characters are as follows: "White" Commodore logo, Computer Key, Seal, Mousepad, Sign, Gift, Muscle, Framed Logo, Note, Award, Logo in a Circle, and a computer monitor. ============= Version 5.2 ============= * I fixed an error in the uppercase "M" and all characters were aligned. ============= Version 5.0 - The Following was added ============= * Commodore & Amiga logos * Simple Commodore 64 & 1541 Disk Drive * Commodore 64 and 1541 Disk Drive simple icons * Commodore 64 and 1541 Disk Drive (created from ACTUAL photos of my system) * 5.25" disk in Commodore sleeve and 5.25" without * "READY." prompt * Commodore 64 logo * Mouse * Pac-Man (facing 4 directions), ghosts (Inky, Blinky, Pinky & Clyde), pellets, Pac-Man logo * Logos for Intel Inside, Microsoft, Windows, Internet Explorer * Common windows (one with a Windows logo), folders, documents, disks ... * Minimize, Maximize, Normalize, Close icons * Apple logo, Macintosh logo, Mac-OS, Macintosh boot, Apple disk, Quicktime * Logos for other companies: Microtek, AST, Atari, Sun, Franklin, iomega, Xerox, HP, IBM, Fugitsu, Epson, Acer, Compaq, Intel, 3 Com, NEC, Digital, Seagate, Novell, Canon, NeXt

Commodore 64 Pixelized Regular
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