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Crewniverse font


´╗┐Crewniverse Font V.3 Crewniverse is a font that replicates the one used for the title cards of the TV show Steven Universe(tm), as well as the logo of the Steven Crewniverse's Tumblr. 2015-2016 - Font by MaxiGamer - Made in FontForge. Steven Universe(tm) was created by Rebecca Sugar and is a trademark of Cartoon Network. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changelog for V.3 - FINALLY added numbers; - Added a hyphen ( - ). Goals for V.4: - Add quotation marks; - Add accents. Changelog for V.2 - Added exclamation and question marks; - Updated every other punctuation. Goals for V.3 or V.4 - Add quotation marks; - Add numbers (at least 2 and 3); - Add accents; - Add various special characters. Changelog for V.1 - Font was created (June 13th, 2015); - Added letters + some punctuation. Goals for V.2 - Add exclamation and question marks; - Add quotation marks; - Possibly add numbers (at least 2 and 3); - Possibly add accents on letters A, E, I, O, U and C; - Might add some other special characters.

Crewniverse Medium
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