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Danzin Regular font

Buddha Graphix

What is FDF?: The FunkDaFont vol. 1 was originally intented to be sold as a limited edition commercial font pack. But I never found the time to promote it, so here it is - for your pleasure - as a shareware packet. A sort description: FDF vol. 1 is 8 funky, strange, spaced out, cool headline typefaces, wich will make your designs look VERY trendy. The fonts have been made with a lot more care than the average shareware font. All fonts (except the most complex ones) includes all special and international characters. Bandit - A cute, naive font with big feets. Batmos - A tall, noisy, Jazzy, HipHop looking font. Blue Room - Copied from writing on a UFO I once saw - that's true. Clockwork - A clicketyclack broken up in an industrial way font. Connection - ssshhiizzhh, snow on the line - looking like a bad data transfer. Danzin Like Crazy - A font with a stupidly happy face. See Your Point - Yes, all 10.365 circels were drawn by hand !!! Stage Dive - A hand drawn book-print font. Warrenty (or lack of same): All the font has been carefully tested on both TrueType printers, PostScript printers & photo-setters and should work error free, but Buddha Graphix can not be claimed responsible og any loss or damage in connection with use of the fonts. Shareware notice: If you choose to keep & use one or more of the FDF fonts you must register the font(s) and pay a shareware fee of 10 $ / 5

Danzin Regular Regular
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