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Elliptica Italic font

Jacob Wagner - E-mail: [email protected]
Elliptica is a sans-serif neo-grotesk typeface designed in 2013 by Jacob Wagner. Elliptica is available in three weights, light, regular, and bold. Each weight has a custom-built oblique version with a slant angle of 12 degrees from vertical. Elliptica features a nearly uniform stroke width, making it seem technical and balanced. Each counter is the same oblated ellipse shape. The lowercase ascenders are cut at an approximate 50 degree angle. The lowercase ā€œgā€ has a truncated descender, giving a unique look. Elliptica was designed with technical aspects in mind--when a no-nonsense, easy to read display font is necessary, such as for signs, billboards, posters, and advertisements. Elliptica is also legible enough for text at medium to large sizes.
Elliptica Italic Italic
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