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Flicker font

Andrew Bulhak
Flicker is a set of fonts based on a type of alphanumeric display, consisting
of segmented pixels, and sometimes seen in airports or on trains.
The set consists of several fonts; these are:

Flicker - the basic alphanumeric font set.
Lowercase is a copy of uppercase; there are no accented characters.

FlickerDamaged - A version of Flicker simulating a malfunctioning
display. Some segments are missing; others elsewhere are lit.

Flicker03 - A version of Flicker with only the bottom 3 rows visible.

Flicker15 - A version of Flicker with only the top 4 rows visible.

FlickerRandom - A font based on the segmented display grid used in Flicker,
only each character has a random assortment of pixels lit. Different
characters have different densities of lit pixels, and may be overlaid.

The Flicker font set is monospaced; consequently, characters from different
fonts may be overlaid to achieve multi-layered effects.

Note: Flicker is intended as a display font only, and is not suitable for
setting text. The designer takes no responsibility for use or misuse of
this font set.
Flicker Regular
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