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Handyfont Regular font

Jonathan Macagba

About Handyfont(tm) 1.0.1 ================================================================= Designed by Jonathan Macagba, (c)1994 Jonathan Macagba A font with 52 pictographic hands. Uppercase characters contain left and right hands in a vertical position. Lowercase characters contain left and right hands in a horizontal position. Comma and Period characters contain a left and right handprint. Very "HAND"y! HINTS and TIPS: ** String hands together to create a "hand" border. ** Use this font in your paint or drawing program to "rubber stamp" hand shapes. Colorize to your heart's content. ** Use the hands as a fun way to "number" items from one to ten. ** Convert to paths using your favorite drawing program to customize. SHAREWARE FEE ================================================================= This font is "Shareware"*. If you like and use this font, send $5.00 to: Jonathan Macagba 244 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2246 New York, NY 10001-7604 USA Outside the US, make sure that your check is drawn from a US Bank. Otherwise, please send cash. *WHAT IS SHAREWARE? ================================================================= Shareware is a means of distributing software on a "try before you buy" basis. Shareware allows you to try software programs, clip art and fonts before you purchase them. This allows you to determine if the shareware product you are trying meets your needs and will work with your computer equipment. After you have tried the product, you are required to either purchase the product or delete it from your system. The shareware concept relies on the basic honesty of the user (or "potential buyer"). Remember that many shareware authors and developers are people like you--not faceless corporations--and rely on the income derived from shareware payments to continue creating software products that make your (computer) life more productive and fun. VERSION HISTORY ================================================================= Version 1.0 (1994): Initial release of the font. Version 1.0.1 (9/10/97): Address change for shareware fee. MORE INFORMATION ================================================================= For graphic design, illustration or custom fonts, contact me at: Jonathan Macagba 244 Fifth Avenue, #2246 New York, NY 10001-7604 --------------------------- Tel : 212.591.0208 Email : [email protected]

Handyfont Regular Regular
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