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GemFont98 True Type Font brought to you by me. Conditions of use as of 10/4/2000 These conditions override all previous conditions This font is Testware, in that you can use it totally free of charge, COMMERCIAL AND NON COMMERCIAL, without asking permission. This zipfile must be kept intact, without alterations, if being transferred via Disk, email, internet, or any other media. It can be made available for downloading from website. If you like this font, and feel inclined, a small bequest, gratuity or donation of any amount you determine to be appropriate to me would be appreciated. This is a suggestion, not a demand, and in no way affects permission to use this font. Do not feel obligated to send any money if you do not wish to. G Meade. P.O. Box 418 Carnegie, Melbourne Australia 3163 GemFonts 98 - [email protected] <<<<<<<< CONDITIONS OF USE >>>>>>>>> 1. This font can be used for personal and commercial use, with the understanding that this font was created as a hobby and no claim to professionalism is claimed. 2. It can now be included in any compilation CD's, disks or product. 3. The zipfile containing the font and this text file must be kept intact, without alterations, additions or deletions. 4. This font can be transferred, stored or made available to other computers or on the internet/bulletin board as long as no fee or charge is requested for this service. 5. No warranty is offered, or understood to have been offered by the supplier of this font, and the risk of any losses or damage from use of this font remain with the user. 6. The supplier can not be responsible for any problems that may arise by misuse of the font. 7. The term 'Testware' shall be taken and understood to mean that you can use the font, without restrictions, in any manner that you wish, as long as the user understands that the user is responsible for any legal or moral situations that may arise for their use of this font in any immoral, racial or illegal way. 8. You may definitely not eat, chew, sleep with, cook, slice, dice, barter, shop, snort, inject, lick or wear this font. Any mental, health or legal problems that will arise from attempted use in mentioned fashion are your problems. I don't want to know, or hear, about your fetish's. (Well, then again, I need a good laugh now and then.) Anyway, that's it in total. As stated you can now do as you wish with my fonts, with full responsibility upon your broad shoulders, but a kindness would be in letting me know where and how you use my fonts, as I like to know someone out there uses them.

<style type="text/css">
    src:url("") format("woff"),
    url("") format("opentype"),
    url("") format("truetype");