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I have designed two fonts expecially for people to make their own valentines day cards. Home made cards seem more sincere to me, time and thought have gone into them. I have usually made my own greeting cards for people, in fact I feel like I'm short-changing people if I give them a bought one. Once I gave someone a card with a nail peircing the front cover. The guy I gave it to said it was annihilistic, which I thought was a pretty good description for the way the card looked. The coolest valentines day card I have ever recieved had a picture of the Valentines Day Massacre on it. I had never heard of the Valentines Day Massacre, but thought the card was quite interesting anyway, and when I found out about the massacre I was very impressed with the card. I have a friend who I met when we were 14 and 15 and we have a habit of exchanging Valentines Day cards every year. I love all handmade cards. The trouble is I am not romantic, anything soppy or weddingish makes me gag. I do like cute, but not cuddly-toy cute. It has to be funky. Which brings me on to these fonts. The JulesLove font has been inspired by New Yorker Keith Haring, how I adore him and his stuff. If you know his work, maybe the letters with the radiating hearts remind you of him. I would be delighted if they did. These letters are also able to be coloured in, and should be - brightly and boldly. The JulesLove font stands next to the other julesart fonts: julesgirltalk, JULES P.C. WIMMIN, JulesWriting and julesdingz. As a firm believer in making your own valentines day cards, I encourage anyone who has downloaded this font to get stuck in. As the Maori fishers of New Zealand had a tradition of throwing the first caught fish back to sea to affirm abundance, so I am encouraging you to send your first valentines day card back to me (regardless of time of year), not necessarily to affirm abundance, but just because I'd really love to see what people are doing with these fonts. I can hardly wait to check my mail box! Jules, PO Box 30048, St Martins, Christchurch 8246, New Zealand. Happy creating. ART SAVES LIVES.

JulesLove Regular
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