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Christopher Jarman - E-mail: [email protected]

The Jarman Font also accompanies the program "JoinUp" for Acorn computers obtainable free from: Christopher Jarman [email protected] It also comes as part of the TexEase2 DTP package for Windows, Mac and Acorn computers This font may be freely copied and used in schools for educational purposes, provided that this Readme section is also always copied to accompany the font Using the Jarman Font Strictly speaking this is not a Font but a simulation of the Christopher Jarman cursive handwriting as seen in the handwriting scheme for schools, "The Development of Handwriting Skills" by Christopher Jarman now published by The National Association for Primary Education (NAPE) University of Leicester Moulton College Moulton Northampton UK NN37RR Tel: 01604 647646 email: [email protected] The intention is for teachers and pupils to be able to write out their own copy sheets for handwriting practice using their own words, to supplement the Scheme. As an outline font however, it will load into any suitable program and can be used to produce documents with a hand-written appearance when required. Look at the font Jardotty to help with this too! If you have any problems or queries please ring me, Christopher Jarman on Winchester UK( 01962 ) 862227 or email [email protected] web site http://www.argonet/users/quilljar/ I will be pleased to help. April 2004

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