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Lancastershire font


Introducing Lancastershire (Version 1.0; 02-24-2004), an "HT Original" font... I would call the style casual calligraphy, good for informal correspondence perhaps... I really like the look and feel of this font,... especially the way it looks on paper... I figured I'd add a few simple 'bookend type' ornaments to spice it up a little... And I like the idea of the alternate characters for the 'number sign', 'ampersand', and 'at symbol'... The font contains a full character set, and in addition includes 5 alternates and 10 ornaments (Alt+60100 to 60114)... Check out the included WRI file using the TTF font and WordPad to view the entire available character set... NOTE 1: Remember to open the TTF font before opening the WRI file in order to view the file properly using the font... NOTE 2: The font prints very nicely as small as 10 points... NOTE 3: If you see any problems with the font let me know. Comments and suggestions are always welcome... hypotypo(at)hotmail(dot)com Hypo.

Lancastershire Regular
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