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Blue Vinyl

A=Intro Frame B=Playing Cards C=Cornucopia D=4 Leaf Clover E=Crossed Fingers F=Dice Roll Lucky 7 G=Eye In Hand H=Heart In Hand I=Holy Water J=Horse Shoe K=Magic Lamp L=Money Bag M=Lucky Penny N=Pentacle O=Pot Of Gold P=Rune Q=Pyramid R=Rabbits Foot S=Sacrate Heart T=Scarab(Beetle) U=Lucky 7 V=Lucky Star W=Wishbone X=Eye Of Horus Y=Buhdda Z=Copyright Frame

Blue Vinyl Fonts (c)1999 [email protected] The Freeware Font(s) included in this pack were created by Blue Vinyl Fonts, (aka Jess or [email protected]). I have been creating fonts since September 12,1997.I am inspired by my uncontrolable love for music and computer graphics (my only freinds).All fonts are original works from the mind of bluevinyl,wooooo scary. Please do not include this font on any CD-Roms without written consent from [email protected] This font is not to be resold or remarketed. This font is free to use in any private manner. If you plan to use this font commercially in any manner please contact [email protected] concerning this for terms of commericial use. This tt font zip file is not to be included on any other archive or personal website for download.Yes you may use this font to create graphics for your personal site just do not put the font file on the web site for download. Thank you ; ) All Rights Reserved by Blue Vinyl, 1999.

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