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Mermaid Bold font

Scott Simpson - Website: - E-mail: [email protected]

Terms of Use and License for the font Mermaid Designed by Wm Scott Simpson Jr, 2012 [email protected] This is an agreement between you, the purchaser, and Scott Simpson, the author. By downloading or installing this font you agree to these terms. COPYRIGHT This font is copyright 2012 Scott Simpson. You may be held legally responsible for any infringement of Scott Simpson's intellectual property rights tied to your failure to comply to any of these terms. COMMERCIAL USE This font is currently free for personal use, and any version obtained as free for personal use will remain so, even if future versions may be available for a fee. Commercial use requires permission from the creator, Scott Simpson. Contact Scott Simpson at [email protected] if you would like to use this font commercially. EMBEDDING A commercial license is required for web embedding of this font. Contact Scott Simpson at [email protected] if you would like to embed this font. BROADCAST, FILM AND GAMES A commercial license is required for use of this font in broadcast, film, games, or other related media, regardless of their nature. Contact Scott Simpson at [email protected] if you would like to use this font in such forums. REDISTRIBUTION AND MODIFICATION You may not redistribute this font by any means, whether for free or for a fee, without permission from the author. You may not alter this font for redistribution. You may build upon individual characters for personal use. DISCLAIMER Scott Simpson makes no warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for any particular purpose. Scott Simpson is not liable to you or any other person or entity for any damages arising from the use of or inability to use this font. DURATION This agreement is effective until terminated. This agreement will terminate automatically without notice if you fail to comply with any provision herein. Contact Scott Simpson at [email protected] for questions about this agreement.

SWASH CAPS ARE NOW INCLUDED AS THE DEFAULT CAPITALS IN A SEPARATE FONT FILE CALLED "MERMAID SWASH CAPS.TTF" Install both .ttf files on your computer for easy access to both swash caps and regular caps. You can still find the swash caps in the original font file using these instructions: INSERTING SWASH CAPS for the font Mermaid by Scott Simpson Microsoft Word Insert | Symbol | More Symbols… Microsoft Powerpoint Insert | Symbol Adobe Illustrator Window | Type | Glyphs… Adobe InDesign Window | Type & Tables | Glyphs Other programs (e.g. Adobe Photoshop) In order to maximize comprehensive accessibility within the TrueType format, the swash caps exist as lesser-used diacriticals. In some programs, it may be necessary to copy and paste these glyphs. Copy the letter that comes after the corresponding letter you want the swash cap for. For instance, if you want the A swash cap, copy Ā. Paste this into the program you are using, with the font set to Mermaid. A: Ā B: Ă C: Ć D: Ď E: Ē F: Ĕ G: Ĝ H: Ĥ I: Ĩ J: Ĵ K: Ķ L: Ļ M: Ľ N: Ń O: Ō P: Ŏ Q: Ő R: Ŕ S: Ś T: Ţ U: Ũ V: Ū W: Ŵ X: ŵ Y: Ŷ Z: Ź More info (description and Unicode): A: Ā (A macron) U+0100 B: Ă (A breve) U+0102 C: Ć (C acute) U+0106 D: Ď (D caron) U+010E E: Ē (E macron) U+0112 F: Ĕ (E breve) U+0114 G: Ĝ (G circumflex) U+011E H: Ĥ (H circumflex) U+0124 I: Ĩ (I tilde) U+0128 J: Ĵ (J circumflex) U+0134 K: Ķ (K cedilla) U+0136 L: Ļ (L cedilla) U+0136 M: Ľ (L caron) U+013D N: Ń (N acute) U+0143 O: Ō (O macron) U+014C P: Ŏ (O breve) U+014E Q: Ő (O double acute) U+0150 R: Ŕ (R acute) U+0154 Ŗ (R cedilla) U+0156 S: Ś (S acute) U+015A T: Ţ (T cedilla) U+0162 U: Ũ (U tilde) U+0168 V: Ū (U macron) U+016A W: Ŵ (W circumflex) U+0174 X: ŵ (w circumflex) U+0175 Y: Ŷ (Y circumflex) U+0176 Z: Ź (Z acute) U+0179 Email me at [email protected] for questions/comments/problems.

Mermaid Bold Bold
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