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Meroitic - Hieroglyphics font

Reinhold Kainhofer

Text from: ------------------------------------------------------------ I have created a few TrueType Fonts for Windows. By now these include the meroitic scripts (hieroglyphics and demotic) and the oldpersian Cuneiforms. Just click onto the character table (or the filename) to download the *.TTF files. You can use the Fonts free of charge and also pass them on to your friends, but please can everybody who uses the fonts write a postcard to me, so that I know, if it is worth the effort? My address: R. Kainhofer Pichl 27 A - 5441 Abtenau AUSTRIA. Thanks! ----------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------- Under Development: Greek with accents (always wanted, never found) Ugaritic and others... If you have suggestions, what other languages I could turn into a TrueType Font for windows, e-mail me!! -------------------------------------------------------------------- See also the HOMEPAGE of my school (in German) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Webmaster: Reinhold Kainhofer, [email protected]

Meroitic - Hieroglyphics Regular
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