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Michael Gaines

======================================================= READ ME * READ ME * READ ME ======================================================= October 27, 1997 Happy (pre-)Halloween! Just in time to create a few quick holiday decorations, or to spruce up your notes/memos, comes MonsterParty -- the latest font from yours truly, Mike Gaines. 36 monsters/images, from the classic to the modern. Enjoy! If you'd like to post this font on your site, be my guest; my only stipulation is that both the Mac & PC fonts are available. (Trying to promote a little cross-platform tolerance.) The font is completely FREE, since I do not own the copyright to the characters used. Please don't use the font to create commercial designs (since you don't own the character copyrights either, I assume). For the curious, the artwork was done in Photoshop, converted to outlines in Illustrator, then imported into Fontographer -- where the font was generated. The name is an homage to the late 60s animation, "Mad Monster Party", created by the people who did thos Rankin/Bass Rudolph animations you still see occasionally at Christmas time. I encourage you to check it out.... Comments -- or bug reports -- on this or my previous fonts (TNGcast, Xcast, Herc/Xena) alway welcome.... -- Mike Gaines [email protected] (fonts are on 3rd Artwork page) For those of you who care to know what's available in advance, here's the mnemonic (a memory trick) chararcter map: The numbers contain the classics: 0 - Full moon 1 - Drac 2 - Frank 3 - Bride 4 - Wolfie 5 - Mummy 6 - Phantom of the Opera 7 - Creature from the Black Lagoon 8 - King Kong 9 - Godzilla The rest of the characters are available in the upper case letters: A - Alien B - Bela Lagosi C - Cyclops (Harryhausen) D - Darkness (Legend) E - Exorcist (Regan/Linda Blair) F - Freddy G - Gary Oldman as Drac H - Hellraiser's Pinhead I - Iron Maiden's Eddie J - Jason K - Klaus Kinski as Nosferatu L - Lon Chaney as Hyde M - Mars Attacks N - Nicholson (The Shining) O - Other Vamp (Lon Chaney) P - Predator Q - Friday the 13th logo (mentally tilt the art 90 degrees) R - Re-Animator S - Scream T - Tales from the Crypt U - Miskatonic Univ. V - Vincent Price W - Nightbreed Psycho-psychiatrist (doesn't it look like a W?) X - eXorcist poster art Y - IT conquered the world (whY does the monster look like a carrot? -- or rotate the letter 180 degrees....) Z - Zombie (Bub from Day of the Dead)

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