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Mostly Regular font

Jonathan Macagba

ORDER FORM / REGISTRATION FORM ============================================================ If you use this font, please fill out this form and send $5.00* to: Handcraftedfonts Company P.O. Box 14013 Philadelphia, PA 19122-0013 *Outside the US, make sure that your check is drawn from a US Bank. Otherwise, please send CASH (US Dollars, please). Your $5.00 gets you: **The latest version of this font on disk **Other fonts and demo products to try out **Our latest catalog of commercial fonts/products (including 25% offer) **Free notices of new fonts and products You could also order a disk CRAMMED with all of our latest shareware and freeware fonts for only $24.95. This registers you for all of our current shareware fonts as well as the goodies mentioned above. Name _____________________________________________ Address ___________________________________________ City, State, Country _________________________________ Zip Code ___________ Telephone _____________________ Font(s) Ordered _____________________________________ _________________________________________________ Amount Enclosed ________ ($5/Font; $24.95/All current fonts) System (check one): ___ Macintosh-TrueType ___ Macintosh-PostScript ___ Windows-TrueType ___ Windows-PostScript |>> Write any comments/suggestions on the back of this sheet.

About MostlyWaves(tm) 1.0 ================================================== Designer: Jonathan Macagba (c)1993 Jonathan Macagba Published by: Handcraftedfonts Company P.O. Box 14013 Philadelphia, PA 19122 This is a font of, well, "mostly waves." The wave patterns in this font could be chained together into borders by typing the same letter several times. There are other "water related" dingbats as well--water droplets, rain clouds, and even a leaking faucet. Use this font in your applications to create wavy borders on-the-fly. Convert them to outlines in Illustrator, Freehand, or Canvas and edit to your hearts content! Over 60 characters in this font. OTHER USES: ** Use the patterns as masks in the "InstantLogo" Font available online. ** Use the "style" menu in your word processor to create even more variations. ** Use this font in your paint or drawing program to "rubber stamp" shapes that are usually not available. Font Installation =================================================== Your font(s) is provided in the two most popular font formats: PostScript and TrueType. Please consult your Apple Macintosh or Microsoft Windows manual on the proper installation of your font(s). This font(s) does not require special installation instructions beyond that found in your manual. Use the Index to locate the section on Font Installation. IMPORTANT: Do not install both font formats into your System. If you use a PostScript printer and/or Adobe Type Manager, install ONLY the PostScript Font version. If you use Macintosh System 7 with a QuickDraw printer or Windows 3.1 with a non-PostScript printer, install ONLY the TrueType Font version. To minimize confusion, each font format is located in its own clearly labeled Folder or Sub-Directory.

Mostly Regular Regular
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