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PR-Uncial Creepy font

Peter Rempel

About the artist Peter was born in 1958, and am educated in music composition and visual design. In his family home, there were many wall plaques with German Bible verses, rendered in a variety of gothic and fraktur lettering styles. In the 1980s he discovered the art of calligraphy, first through the speedball lettering textbook, and later by joining the calligraphers Guild of Manitoba, and studying books by Byron McDonald, Tom Gourdy and Jaqueline Svaren. He has studied a variety of lettering styles, but his strongest interest is in the letter styles of the Middle Ages, starting with the German Fraktur styles he knew from childhood, and extending back, into uncials, runic shapes, and the Classical Roman Letter. Peter released his first shareware fonts in 1996. His fonts are included in the collections of many shareware font sites, and his latest works may be found at This font, with a limited character set is released just for fun, in time for halloween 2010 Please contact me if you wish to use this font commercially Peter twitter:prfonts


PR-Uncial Creepy Regular
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    src:url("") format("woff"),
    url("") format("opentype"),
    url("") format("truetype");