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The name of crosses in RTA Cross:

A/a - Patonce
B/b - Patee Quadrate
C/c - Patee or Formee
D/d - Flory
E/e - Tau
F/f - Plain
G/g - Calvary
H/h - Passion
I/i - Maltese Cross
J/j - Botony
K/k - Crosslet Fitchee
L/l - St. Andrews Cross
M/m - Raguly
N/n - Crosslet
O/o - Moline
P/p - Potent

The Round Table Arms forum is dedicated to helping others become armigers with understanding that heraldry and genealogy are strong allies. Owning a coat of arms is a God-given right not impeded by most governments. Historical: "Up to the year 1530 few people had been granted their Coat of Arms by any official body or monarch. 90% of Arms had been assumed by individuals as an heritable right without question..." --History of Heraldry Please join this Yahoo Group to learn more about coats of arms and to possibly share your genealogy at: Gary Smith [email protected]

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