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Sentai 30 Dingbats font

Debora Aquino e Gabriela Albuquerque
Font inspired on arsenal, mechas, logos and helmets of the Japanese genre called Super Sentai. This genre is produced since 1975 by Toei Company, and nowadays also has an American version, which is known as Power Rangers. In the beggining of this year, Super Sentai completed 30 years, with a tv special "Boukenger vs Super Sentai" and this font is dedicated to these 30 years.

Font designed by Debora Aquino. Collaboration by Gabriela Albuquerque. Super Sentai logos and characters property by Toei Company. This font was made by a Super Sentai fan for all Super Sentai fans. It's free for personal use and its commercial use is prohibited. Sentai 30 Dingbats - Version: 2.0, August 2007. A - Jetman B - Magiranger C - Sun Vulcan D - Jakq E - Timeranger F - Changeman G - Battle Fever J H - Fiveman I - Go Go V J - Boukenger K - Abaranger L - Flashman M - Hurricanger N - Zyuranger O - Gekiranger P - Gekiranger Q - Sun Vulcan R - Hurricanger S - Hurricanger T - Battle Fever J U - Maskman V - Turboranger W - Super Sentai 30th Anniversary X - Timeranger Y - Dekaranger Z - Carranger

Sentai 30 Dingbats Sentai 30 Dingbats
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