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From: "Character" Subject: Introducing: SketchFonts (Preview) Date: Tuesday, February 15, 2005 2:30 AM And a happy Valentine's day to all! These fonts are from scans of the book, "Awesome Alphabets" by Mike Artell (1999). They're suitable for child-oriented scrapbook pages and similar informal usage. In making computer fonts, I'm afraid I've done the exact opposite of what the author was trying to promote - kids using their originality to create hand-drawn alphabets. I've modified some of the characters slightly for consistency. Following is a review found on the web of the original book: Awesome Alphabets written and illustrated by Mike Artell. Good Year, 1999 (0-673-58647-2) $9.95 pb I hope that computers haven't made this book already obsolete, because it's such a great idea. Dozens of pages show the unlimited potential of specialized alphabets: letters drawn to look like tools, like bones, even like clothes--a pair of pants and two socks make a wild capital K. Along with complete renderings of each alphabet, there are suggestions for creating new letters and other ideas about how words can be spiced up with imaginative drawing. Artell encourages readers to go beyond what he's done and design alphabets that fit their particular needs; kids who want to make their own books or design signs will find plenty of inspiration. And as the author points out, a handwritten font has what computer fonts completely lack: uniqueness. This is a terrific book to browse and a wonderful resource. - Character

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