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Talk Regular font

Jonathan Macagba

For best results, print this form with a monospaced font. HF Shareware Picture Font Order Form (rev. 8/1/96) ================================================================== The font that accompanies this form is NOT free. If you like this font and use it in your projects, please send $5.00 to the address below. Otherwise, please delete this font from your System. Send your check to: ------------------------------- Handcraftedfonts Company P.O. Box 14013 Philadelphia, PA 19122-0013 USA ------------------------------- Checks must be drawn from a US Bank (or send CASH in US Funds). Your $5.00 gets you: the latest version of this font on disk (our fonts are periodically modified to add more characters or to fix any bugs), other fonts to try out, our latest catalog of commercial fonts and software, and a coupon worth 25% OFF our commercial font prices. For $24.95 you can get a disk with ALL of our latest Shareware Picture Fonts as well as the goodies mentioned above. ================================================================== Name: ----------------------------------------------------------------- Company: ------------------------------------------------------------------ Street: ------------------------------------------------------------------ City, State, Zip, Country: ------------------------------------------------------------------ Email Address (important!): ------------------------------------------------------------------ Where did you get your copy of this font?: ------------------------------------------------------------------ Font(s) Ordered: ------------------------------------------------------------------ Check one: __Mac Type1 __Mac TrueType __PC Type1 __PC TrueType ------------------------------------------------------------------ Amount Enclosed ________ $5.00/font, $24.95/complete collection of Shareware picture fonts) |>> Write any comments/suggestions on the back of this sheet.

About TalkBalloons Font 1.0 ================================================================ by Jonathan Macagba (c)1994 Jonathan Macagba Published by: Handcraftedfonts Company P.O. Box 14013 Philadelphia, PA 19122 TalkBalloons is a font with 62 "talk balloon" symbols. These balloons are often used in comic strips to indicate something being said by a cartoon character. The lowercase characters contain talk balloon symbols with various line weights and shapes pointing left. Uppercase characters contain the same balloons pointing right. The numerals contain various balloon symbols with the question mark ("?") and exclamation mark ("!") characters. TalkBalloons also includes "thought" balloons and "shout balloons as well as "ZAP", "BAM" and "POW" symbols (for you Batman fans). HINTS & TIPS: Use the "Style" Menu in your program for even more variations. Convert the characters to paths in your drawing program to customize. Shareware: $5.00 (See attached Order Form to order) MORE INFORMATION ================================================================= For information on custom illustration and font services contact: Jonathan Macagba Handcraftedfonts Co. --------------------------- P.O. Box 14013 Philadelphia, PA 19122-0013 --------------------------- Tel : 215.922.5584 Fax : 215.922.0779 Email : [email protected]

Talk Regular Regular
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