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Telford Hollow Italic font

Roger White - E-mail: [email protected]

LICENSE AGREEMENT The attached font 'TELFORD' is Copyright [c] Roger White - all rights reserved. In using this font it will be taken that you have read and agreed to the following conditions:- DISTRIBUTION. The font archives must contain all of the files specified:- Postscript Type 1 package - TELFOR__.ZIP contains:- TELFOR__.AFM TELFOR__.PFB TELFOR__.PFM TELFOR__.INF TELFOR__.TXT TrueType package - TELFOR__.ZIP Contains:- TELFOR__.TTF TELFOR__.TXT This font has been made available as Type 1 and Truetype for the PC. Alteration of the character set of the font, and conversion to any other font format is expressly forbidden. PAYMENT FOR USE Provided this font is used for personal purposes then no fee is payable to the author for it's use. You may use this font yourself and may pass on copies to your friends provided that the copy contains all of the files from the original package. Distribution can be by electronic means or on floppy disk. If this font is used for commercial purposes then the user agrees to make a one off payment to the author of

Telford Hollow Italic Italic
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