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Tengwar Annatar Italic font

Johan Winge

---------------------------------------------------------------- Tengwar Annatar -- A Tengwar Type Family Version 1.10 released on April 7, 2004. ---------------------------------------------------------------- This package should contain the following six files: readme.txt -- This file tngan.ttf -- Tengwar Annatar TrueType file tnganb.ttf -- Tengwar Annatar Bold TrueType file tngani.ttf -- Tengwar Annatar Italic TrueType file tnganbi.ttf -- Tengwar Annatar Bold Italic TrueType file tngandoc.pdf -- Documentation in Adobe Portable Document format To read the full documentation you will need Adobe Reader, which is available at Adobes web-site: Tengwar Annatar is distributed under the following license: ---------------------------------------------------------------- The Tengwar Annatar type family, henceforth referred to as font, is the property of the creator, Johan Winge, copyright (c) 2004. It is distributed as freeware, meaning that you may download it, free of charge, and use it in any non-commercial publication or product. The following limitations apply: Even though the scenario is highly unlikely, I take no responsi- bility what so ever should the use or attempted use of this font cause any damage to your computer system. All use of this font is at your own risk. You may redistribute this font under the following terms: That all files, without exceptions, in the original distribution are included in unmodified form, and that no fee is charged, (except perhaps to cover private personal expenses, e.g. the cost of a single floppy disk). In the case of commercial use, this font may be used in a com- mercial project of yours, as long as I am provided, at your ex- pense, with a free copy of the final product. This also applies, but is not limited, to share- or freeware compilations. Please note that for you to use J. R. R. Tolkien's tengwar script in a commercial production you may have to have permis- sion from the Tolkien Estate. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Contact information: Snail-mail: Johan Winge

Tengwar Annatar Italic Italic
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