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Tengwar Gandalf Medium font

Michael S. Elliott

Use of Tengwar-Gandalf. ----------------------- The method for using this font is essentially that described in the appendices to The Lord of the Rings. Almost all of the letters are the same as in the book, with a few changes made for ease of use. The basic rules are as follows: 1. Vowels are written above the letter that follows them. In the word 'aggregate,' written thus: the first 'a' is written above the first 'g', the 'e' is written above it's following 'g' and the last 'a' is written above the following 't'. 2. A silent, or following 'e', is as in the word 'aggregate' above, is written below the previous letter of the word. Therefore, in the above illustration, the silent 'e' is written below the 't'. You can do this by typing OPTION-e-SPACE for the silent 'e'. 3. Double letters, such as in 'aggregate' above, are written with a large flag, or stripe, attached to the letter, or written above the letter (as in the letters 's', 'w', 'z', etc.) in letters that don't have ascending or descending stems. You can type a double letter by tying SHIFT-OPTION-letter. 4. Double vowels, such as in the word 'keep', are written with SHIFT-OPTION-vowel. 5. Words that have multiple vowels that are side-by-side can cause problems. In this case, the first letter is written with a descending stem, and the second vowel is written as usual. Thus, the word 'scour' would be written like this: Notice that the 'o' is written with a stem below it, and the following 'u' is written above the last letter, 'r'. This way, the vowels won't be printed on top of each other on your screen or printer. Stemmed vowels are also used to write free-standing letters, such as the 'a' in the sentence 'this is a font'. To type a vowel with a stem under it, just type SHIFT-letter. 6. There are no 'capitalized' letters on this font. The SHIFT key is used alone only to add stems to vowels, and, with the OPTION key, to signify a double letter. When the SHIFT key is used alone, all letters but the vowels remain the same. 7. Words that end in "s" are written with a small, curved flag attached to the next-to-the-last letter. Thus, the word "hobbits" would be written like this: You can type the "following" "s" by typing OPTION-s. Tengwar-Gandalf is freeware. Sort of. Well, actually, itUs postcardware. All that I ask is that you send me a postcard with the following: one lawyer joke, and one Hillary Clinton joke. As a medical student, I am very interested in collecting both. You can send to postcards to the following address: Michael S. Elliott 702 NE 14th Oklahoma City, OK 73104 I'd also appreciate any comments that you might have about this font. Include them on the postcard, or write me email at America Online at: MikeE60369 (that's a zero, not a letter 'oh'). Enjoy!

Tengwar Gandalf Medium Medium
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