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-- INSTALLATION OF YELLOWJUG FONT -- ======================================== How to install a font under Windows ? ======================================== The file is compressed in the .zip format. If you don't have XP, Winzip or equivalent must be installed on your PC to be able to use these files. Once "unzipped", you must copy the file "yellowjug.ttf" into the Fonts folder, usuallyC:\Windows\Fonts or C:\WINNT\Fonts (IT can be reached as well by the Start Menu > Control Panel > Appearance and Themes > Fonts). ======================================== How to install a font under Mac OS ? ======================================== - Mac OS X recognizes PC TrueType fonts. The file is compressed, so you must use an utility like Stuffit Expander then : Under Mac OS X : Put the file (Mac or PC) into ~/Library/Fonts. - Under Mac OS 9 or less : You must convert "Yellowjug.ttf" from PC format to MAC format, with TT Converter ( ) or an equivalent program. Once converted, drag it into the System folder. The system will propose you to add them to the Fonts folder. ======================================== How to install a font under Linux ? ======================================== - RedHat and all RH variants: 1.Download the pc version of the font, unzip, and place the font file in /usr/share/fonts/TTF. 2.In the TTF folder (in a terminal) as root: ttmkfdir > fonts.scale ln -s fonts.scale fonts.dir /sbin/service xfs restart - Mandrake Linux: Use DrakFont (from Mandrake Control Center) to install the font. - Other *nix distributions: 1.If using KDE, Kfontinst. 2. OR use instructions for RH/YellowDog and if services or xfs is not available, simply restart your X server. Once X or XFS have been restarted the font should be available system wide (KDE apps, X apps, OpenOffice/StarOffice, Gimp, etc.). ======================================== How to use a new font with your software ? ======================================== It is sometimes necessary to relaunch the current application to be able to use the new font. ======================================== YellowJug Font -

======================================= YellowJug Font v.1.20 LICENSE AGREEMENT ======================================= YellowJug font is freeware. You may use it for both non-commercial and commercial purposes. You may copy and distribute it freely in any medium so long as the font file and this license are kept together and unaltered. Although YellowJug font is available for free, the author retains the copyright: YOU MAY NOT modify this font nor use parts of it to create a new font. YOU MAY NOT copy or sell it as someone else's original work nor include it in any commercial freeware or shareware font collection (e.g. collections on CD-ROM for which the end user pays money) without the author's express permission. WARRANTY DISCLAIMER YellowJug FONT IS PROVIDED AS IS WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. BY USING YellowJug FONT YOU INDICATE YOUR FULL ACCEPTANCE OF THIS LICENSE ======================================= ======================================= The author: Alberto Betella - [email protected] -

YellowJug Regular
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    src:url("") format("woff"),
    url("") format("opentype"),
    url("") format("truetype");